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Creative awareness and self-knowledge through photography

Photoyoga For Your Mind 
The Haven Edition


What do the photographs you take and choose to share say about you?

What might photographs be saying to you?


Have you ever thought about those questions?

Photoyoga encourages the development of creative awareness and self-knowledge through photography. It helps us recognise our emotions, stories and beliefs through the photos we take. Main focus is to use photography to stimulate mindfulness and observation, not technical skills: you can take photos with whatever equipment you have.

A new theme is introduced each week. These have been designed to help you become familiar with a particular aspect of photography, encouraging you to grow your skills if you want. And alongside this is the gentle invitation into seeing beyond the image. The photos you take will deepen your adventure, as will the conversations you engage in with your travel companions.

The Themes

  1. Focus | we will pause to look at ourselves, to really see where and who we are right now

  2. Light and shadows | we hunt shadows and get familiar with their presence in the world

  3. Shutter and shield | we will notice our shields, identify the core sound behind our shields and recognise how it speaks through our creative voice

  4. Story and self-compassion | we will reflect on the story behind our sound, fill in plot holes and adjusting character arcs

  5. Cropping and boundaries | we will be embracing the spaces, finding the edges, and cropping out the unnecessary noise

  6. Editing, post-processing and recovery | we set habits for processing, learning to recognise what we need, where it's needed, and how to find it

  7. Wrap-up and closure | we will bring everything together, as we notice how the end gives space to pause and celebrate a little, calmly be in-between before a new beginning

Photoyoga in The Haven


Tuula has been running Photoyoga since 2017. It has evolved and changed since its original iteration and we were really excited to introduce The Haven Edition in 2022, which is the first version translated from Finnish into English and specially adapted for The Haven as an in-house experience (no Facebook group).

You can find out more and register to the Photoyoga For Your Mind | The Haven Edition here:

NEXT START autumn 2024

The Haven is a virtual village, a home where gentle rebels find space and support to rest, re-frame, and rebuild from the inside out. With the Theatre, Library, Café, Fireside, and Kota, you'll find lots of space to reconnect with yourself, as well as a variety of places to meet other people.

The Haven was founded in 2014 by Andy Mort, a sound-artist, songwriter and creativity slow coach based in the United Kingdom.

Tuula is The Haven Sous-Chef, so you will see her in and around the virtual village when you join, not only guiding Photoyoga. She is an active part of the community, and you will almost certainly find her in one of our live happenings!

The Gentle Rebel Podcast, Episode 29: The Healing Power of Photography

"In this episode of The Gentle Rebel Podcast, I am excited to introduce my good friend and creative collaborator, Tuula Ahde

In our conversation, Tuula and I chat about the healing potential of creativity. We discuss the beautiful things that can happen when we slow down and listen to what wants to speak within, around, and through us.

Photography can be an excellent metaphor for how we engage with our lives. The challenges, the possibilities, the shadows, and the parts only become apparent when we take the time to notice and reflect on what’s happening.

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